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Give Hope to Animals is a new peer-to-peer campaign to raise funds and awareness for Mercy For Animals’ mission to end the exploitation of animals for food—and you can be part of it! People across the country are joining forces in constructing a more compassionate food system through a fundraising activity of their choice.

Hope is our most powerful tool, and no one can take it away from us. We believe in a better, more compassionate world. When change will happen, or precisely how, we don’t know. And yes, we will feel sadness and exhaustion, rage and grief. But this points us to our dreams and fuels our collective faith in transformation.

We find hope in the farmer determined to transition out of factory farming. We find hope in you and our collective efforts. We find hope in those who sign our petitions, gather in protest, make their voices heard by their representatives, and so much more.

We are the changemakers who will speed the transition to a compassionate food system. We are the fighters with faith that our actions influence outcomes. Here, with you, we find hope and feel its power.

Please join us today and give hope to animals.

Participating is simple: Sign up, create a fundraising page for yourself or join a team, share your page or your team’s, and ask your friends and family to support your fundraiser.

About Mercy For Animals

Our mission is to construct a compassionate food system by reducing suffering and ending the exploitation of animals for food.

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How to Start Fundraising

1. Understand the Need

Farmed animals suffer miserably at factory farms. More than nine billion land animals are killed for food each year in the United States. 

2. Create Your Fundraiser

Help farmed animals in need. Join Mercy For Animals to expose and end their abuse. 

3. Make a Difference

Your funds support Mercy For Animals’ efforts to end the exploitation of animals for food. See your impact at work!

Ideas to Start Fundraising

Try Vegan for a Month

Go vegan for a month, or challenge your friends to go vegan. According to one vegan calculator, a person who goes vegan for just one month can spare 30 animals. That is around one animal a day. Are you already vegan? Challenge your friends to go vegan for 30 days—coach and encourage them, and fundraise together.

Holiday Fundraiser

Share love and hope at your own peer-to-peer holiday party. Maybe host an ugly Christmas sweater party, plan a vegan holiday-cookie baking contest, or ask people to donate to your Give Hope to Animals fundraiser in lieu of gifts this year.

Cooking and Baking

Food is central to our mission, and many of our omnivore friends simply don’t know how delicious vegan food can be. Teach friends and family to make an animal-free meal, or share recipes and cooking-demo videos.

Unleash Your Creativity

Bring your unique fundraising vision to life. Donate your birthday, your anniversary, or other special occasion; honor a loved one; go on a mountain climb… The possibilities are as limitless as your creativity!

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